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Who we are

Imart east African limited is a “A” class branding company. We were breath to life in 2016 with intention to enhance businesses brand. We have since then transformed and provided comprehensive branding in the market

Defining your brand and setting yourself apart from your competition is one of the most important things a small business owner can do to create success for their business. Finding an agency partner to help you define your brand messaging and appearance can revolutionize your business, but finding a partner you can trust to provide quality work at a fair price can be challenging without research and guidance.

Imart east African limited is branding agencies with reputations you can count on. If you’re looking for a branding agency to help with your small business branding project,

Our thinking
Do you know your customers’ Movie in the Mind?
There is one simple truth that shapes the behaviors of all human beings…it’s that people think in pictures and not in words. At Imart East African ltd, that one simple truth, what we call the “movie in the mind,” is the catalyst of all the successful work we create for our clients.

When a person has an unmet need or desire, they actually play their own “movie in the mind” and “see” that need or desire being met. They see how it looks,they feel how it feels and they develop a powerful emotional connection with it. Great brands clearly their customers’ movie in the mind and squarely place themselves in the movie as the Star, the one fulfilling their customers’ unmet needs and desires

What’s your Company’s Buy Moment?

We discover the Movie in the Mind of our clients’ customers and combine that with a deep understanding of how our clients uniquely deliver on that movie and how their competition does not.What emerges is the truth and the essence of our client’s brand, the Buy Moment. The Buy Moment is that emotional moment in time when customers make the vow to buy from our client and no one else.Companies that accurately understand their Buy Moment, run their business to deliver on it and communicate it clearly to all of their constituencies inevitably succeed and grow.The Buy Moment is at the foundation of every great business and every great brand.


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